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JETT PLASMA LIFT is the modern, trendy cosmetic machine made in the Czech Republic. The machine uses the revolutionary technology for the proffesional cosmetical treatment. The results of the JETT Plasma Lift are coming immediately after the first treatment.

JETT Plasma Lift uses the plasma technology. Generating the plasma flow acts on the biological tissues and starts the specific mechanism of reactions. Thanks to the plasma flow we can reach very effective peeling, recovery, reinforcement, higher flexibility and higher imunity of the tissue.

The definition of plasma
Plasma is an ionized gas composed of ions and electrons, which create by the separation of electrons from the electron shell of gas atoms or molecule rupture (ionization). Plasma can also be defined as the fourth state of matter.

In our case it is the quasi-neutral, low-temperature plasma, where the approximate equality of is positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons.

The essence of discharge
The actual plasma discharge occurs with the help of high voltage 4-6 kV at very low current. When doing treatment, it is necessary to increase the conductivity of the skin by applying a special gel. Between the gel and tipped device located at a distance of about 2 mm arcing. The electrical circuit is closed by grounding strap on the right hand clients. As soon as the discharge occurs, pierces the treatment site conductive gel and acts directly on the skin.

The effect on cell
Each cell has its membrane potential (electric potential difference between the two sides of the membrane). On the inner side of the cell membrane is the negative charge on the outer side is a positive charge. Skin aging leads to an uneven distribution of electric charge (potential) along the cell membrane and thus changes the membrane voltage.

Membrane potential created and affects potassium and sodium ions, which sodium ions very heavily cross cell membranes, while potassium ions on the contrary pass through easily.

The plasma discharge can induce different types of ions (Na +, K +) to change the position or to pass through the membrane. The proper distribution of cations on the inner and outer side of the membrane potential returns to equilibrium. The voltage of the cell membrane and increase membrane is stretched. When this process occurs in the majority of skin cells in a certain area, off the skin is then visible to the naked eye.

The skin treatment with plasma discharge is a natural phenomenon which occurs to the desired effect on the base of physiological way. It does not input any foreign chemical substance into the skin.

JETT Plasma Lift can be used for a treatment on:

  • Faces

  • Cleavage

  • Breast

  • Hands

JETT Plasma Lift helps to improve:
Before the application of plasma flows is necessary to preheat the collagen fibers by a hand probe (from the device Cryo JETT or by another one). Collagen fibers are stretched, the fibers in the middle layer of the face (dermis) “shrinks” and re-tensiones at the inlet of plasma flow.

Pustules and papules heal faster and do not produce scars. This treatment is only superficial, and should be consulted with a dermatologist.

In this case, the heating must be cancelled because the heat supports creating of the veins instead of their reduction. Veins become invisible by the application of plasma flows. The veins get a body colour and stops further formation. On this principle we also treat pigmentations.

See veins above.

Scars / Striae
It should be noted that the scars or striaes must be under the age of six months. Otherwise, treatment is useless.

The result of treatment can be seen immediately. The maximum effect is achieved the next morning.
Safety :The device is equipped with a very reliable security system SCS (Safety Control System), which ensures that the current from the grid cannot get up to a plasma generator in any way and cannot injure the client.

One of the many elements as safety is provided as a wrist safety bracelet. The client must wear it throughout the whole treatment to prevent accidental discharge. The unit itself is able to keep an eye on whether the client is grounded with this bracelet. If not, the device indicates a problem with the red LED and plasma generator shuts down immediately.

After one treatment there can be seen a changes on the face of the client. To make only one complete treatment is possible.

If a client requires a longer lasting effect, it is necessary to complete the 6-8 treatments in a short time. Between individual treatments should be a pause of 24 hours. The effect after those treatments will last for another six months. Then it is necessary to make a one treatment per month. That was really a long-term effect, the client after completion of 6-8 initial treatments occur once a month. At this frequency can guarantee a lasting effect.

Characteristic of the deviceThe Plasma Lift device is not only in its category. On the world market, are several competitors working on the same principle. But the device Plasma lift is significantly different:

The Plasma Lift is unique by it size, it is a pocket size. It is easy weight, thanks to the ergonomic shape it is really easy to use and to keep in hand, sizes: 22 x 5 x 2 cm. Easy to transfer from the room to room or to a clients home. Power is supplied via the adapter from the electrical outlet.

The device is not required with bulky stand or other parts. We can say that we were able to reduce 40 kg weighing device in the pocket size device.

Plasma Lift was developed from the beginning as a medical device. Therefore complies with the most demanding European standards for equipment used in hospitals. Safety is ensured with a unique control system SCS.

ControlThe manipulation and control of this device is very simple, easy and intuitive. If you manage to control the ordinary consumer electronics, Plasma Lift is not a problem for you.
The device is controlled by a small touch screen. You can adjust the intensity of the emitted plasma flow and time of treatment. Built-in LEDs indicate when the plasma generator is in operation or if there is any problem.

OutputUnlike competitive devices, the Plasma Lift has higher output through improved technical solutions for generating of plasma flow. The device is not heated during the treatment and therefore there is not reduction in the output and in the whole effect.


  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • The presence of metal joint replacements in the body
  • Pacemaker
  • Ongoing inflammation
  • Skin lesions
  • Cancer
  • Varicose veins
  • Problems with bones

NOTE: Treated person may have on the body NO METAL PARTS (watches, bracelets, etc.)

JETT PLASMA Distributor for India, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam:

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