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I Abalone Beauty Cream

Rich foods that heal your skin and restore a radiant, youthful skin, which in ice cream mix VeeSape Gucht alone with 9 essential nutrients to include.

Gucht alone with 9 essential nutrients

  • 1. Abalone Extract

  • 2. Snail Secretion Extract

  • 3. Hydrolyzed Collagen

  • 4. Trehalose

  • 5. Niacin amide

  • 6. Adenosine

  • 7. Squalane

  • 8. HG natural

  • 9. Dynalift.

1.Abalone Extract
Extract Gucht alone I Abalone Cream I Abalone V-shape of the island of Jeju. South Korea This archipelago is a World Heritage natural wonders that nature has created a perfect fit and reduce the spread of Jeju formed from volcanic eruptions and lava deposits over a long time to create a small island. of the ecosystem and the natural perfection extracts Gucht alone rich skin and collagen possesses special delivery skin food and oxygen into the skin deeply, firmer skin look. slender And firm up

2.Snail Secretion Extract
Snail slime of iabalone must come from Campo San regional forest Namco Korea that has been certified as clean and safe as possible, with a special feature on the skin. And reduce irritation for sensitive skin and acne. Can be safely

3.Hydrolyzed Collagen
Hydrolyzed collagen I abalone production in deep-sea fish, which are extracted through nanotechnology make collagen molecules can be absorbed better strengthen the collagen fiber density. Smooth tight facelifts.

Trehalose is a sugar found in desert rose with its excellent moisturizing and protective structures do battle in the post of external stimuli. And also protects the brain’s battle in post to help keep skin healthy and flexible Trehalose. Cage-like structure in the form of various substances on the skin to help protect the skin.

A mixture Cosmetics and white, which has been approved by KFDA (Food and Drug of Korea), vitamin B complex is water soluble, which will produce a skin brightening and anti-oxidation for skin healthy all. Ingredients that make up white will help to increase the flexibility of the skin with anti-inflammatory properties and also serves to reduce acne. Reduce wrinkles and strengthens the skin protection.

Is one of the components of the formation of DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) is a combination of medical dermatology, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation Neucleoside will serve to promote the growth of importance.

7. Squalane
The power and energy to the dermis and hair follicles of the skin with a surge in anti-oxidants and is useful in disinfecting the skin and eliminate waste from dirty and dangerous microbes, which penetrate into the skin. Provide oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the skin to stimulate and promote growth.

8.HG Natural
Has developed an extract from fermented using processing traditional capable of increasing the excellent moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and useful in making the skin relaxed, with the ability to cause Ph is. balancing the high level And has the ability to penetrate the skin of fermentation. depolymerization is patented, and the mixture was approved, which provides the benefits of hydration and relaxation.

Have the ability to lift and tone the skin with moisture, strong capabilities as well as the production of skin elasticity has been developed.

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