Herbal Pharmaceutical Business

Our well-built business network across different geographies offer us a competitive edge in an advanced and highly competitive global market. This assists us to offer affordable medication to people across the country. We have grown as an influential entity in the pharmaceutical industry, ready to expand by creating new formulations and to make noteworthy differences in the healthy life of people.

As per the Global GMP norms, Alna is continuously improving its facilities and working, especially at Raw Materials, Excipients, Packing Material, Intermediate Product, Finished Products, and its Stability, and Micro-biological Testing.

The in-house R&D is equipped with all the major instruments and analytical equipment required to undertake the following testing and analysis at different production stages.

Raw Materials: Raw material analysis, Identification of foreign material, Extractive value of water and extractive Alcohol Soluble ingredients, Ash Values, Acid insoluble Ash content, Estimation of Volatile Oil and PH value, Moisture Content, Micro-biological Testing.

Finished Products: Uniformity of the weight of the Capsule, Total Ash content, Acid insoluble Ash, Alcohol and water extractive value, Disintegration time of the Capsule, Micro-biological, Toxicology & Safety Data testing is also done for finished products.

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